The Rainbow Lady - WELCOME

The Rainbow Lady - WELCOME

The Rainbow Lady
Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner
Intuitive Readings with  the Rune Stones, Angel Oracle and Tarot Cards 

Erica - known as THE RAINBOW LADY from her many attendances at local Mind, Body and Spirit Shows

Current Workshops:   Reiki I, Reiki II, Numerology - please phone for details.

I was a little apprehensive about my ability to practise Reiki when I first signed on to the Reiki 1 workshop with Erica.  Wasn't sure if I could really do it as I did not think I "was qualified to develop the skills".  Erica was a very patient Teacher who answered all my questions during the workshop. No stress , no pain  and no shame.  Erica in her own gentle way helped navigate me through the course.  I practised, practised diligently post Reiki 1 on my children and myself (of course).  I found myself much more relaxed and at peace mentally as time passed.  Along the way, the thought of Reiki 11 floated in. Two months later I decided,  "Yes, I will do Reiki 2".  I contacted Erica and asked if she had plans of conducting Reiki 2.  She said she did and would let me know. Shortly after I  met two lovely ladies, Sara and Audra in Reiki 2 workshop.  It was good to meet other "kindred spirits". Once again Erica excelled.  The workshop was held in the most relaxed manner, but yet one  learnt sooo.... much more. We had opportunity to practise on one another , feel and  observe  how the others "Reiki-ed" the other. 
It was a fantastic learning and sharing experience.  If you are thinking of learning Reiki I would like to suggest having a chat with Erica. 

Love, Cheng. MARCH 2013


I found the Reiki 2 course to be a wonderful experience!  Erica has such a
personable way of delivering the information and her obvious passion for
Reiki comes across in her teaching.  From the moment you enter Erica's
space you feel like you have come home.  I am already experiencing the
benefits from this weekend. 
Sara.  March 2013  

I believe that my sacred contract in this lifetime is to recognize and help other Lightworker's awaken to their psychic and healing abilities.

In her loving and gentle way, Erica removes the fear from spirit communication and takes you on a guided tour of self discovery to learn how wonderful it can be to connect with the Spiritual Realm.

There are many resources to draw from on this web site and I hope you will be encouraged to participate.  Please explore the many options that are available here and feel free to contact me with any queries that you may have.

We can guide and encourage you but ultimately it is up to you.  The effort required is a personal thing because everyone is different, with different needs, experiences and abilities.

My biggest love is REIKI because from this all else flows.  The universal energy force that surrounds us all.

The journey never ends and therefore learning never ends... this is just the beginning.

Erica is also available for Private Functions, Bridal Showers, Group Gatherings, Corporate Events, Workshops or any Special Occasion or simply One on One Intuitive Readings.
Erica’s card reading skills enable her to conduct small intimate readings over a period of one, to three hours according to the event.  Contact me for Rates of Service.

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